HP Folio13 dissected

Hi boys and girls today we are going to take a peek inside HP's ultrabook, the HP folio 13. If you are looking for specs go to hp's site. The only specs I am consirned with today is the ram. Why only give it 4GB when it can clearly take 8GB?
So how do you upgrade the ram you ask? Easy remove all the screws from the bottom.

Unsnap the keyboard by working your way around the left side to the right side using a very thin screw driver or a spudger for an ipod. Then, carefully disconnect all the cables from the keyboard.

With the keyboard out of the way, unclip the other cables. Then, Work your way around the outside of the laptop unsnapping the clips with a spuger.

With all of that out the way remove the top and you now have access to upgrade the ram.