IBM 3274 61c controller unit:

IBM 3274 61c front

Here we have a very good example of computing history. This is an IBM 3274 61c controller unit. Otherwise known as a sever.

Option card cage on the left Floppy on the right

This is an overview of the inside of the 61c.

The card cage

This unit has a complete set of boards. It does not have the decrypt encrypt feature.

One very nice looking 8inch floppy drive

This is the 61c's 8 inch floppy drive. This thing is BIG. It appears to be in superb condition. I found a manufacture date on the floppy drive it stated that it was made in 89. I believe that it was replaced in 89. This is a remanifactured unit at that.

16 bnc style terminal connectors

Here is the 61c's backside. It has four rows of four bnc style connectors. These units used IBM's coaxial serial to attach terminals and printers and so forth.

The complete set of manuels for the 61c

This unit comes with it's library of manuals. These are the only books you would ever need to know anything about this unit. Very informative.

A cute book holding box

These manuals all fit inside this very neat box on the floppy side of the cover.

One giant size floppy

This is the only disk that I have for this unit. It is the system disk. There is no dust cover for it.

To open the 61c's case use a number 4 metric Allen wrench.

This unit is not in perfect condition! It appears to have a few scratches on the front and on almost every corner. They are not extremely noticeable.


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